Wills and Power of Attorney

Protect Your Family's Future With Detailed Wills and Powers of Attorney 

Let Us Help You in Drafting or Revising Your Will

Do you need to revise your prior will? Contact Brain Chan of Law Offices of Christopher J. Smith, PC in Charlottesville, VA today for assistance. As a counsel to the firm, Brain Chan will guide you at every step. For advice in drafting or revising your will for various legal options, call us today at 434-220-4790.

Get Your Power of Attorney Prepared at a Flat Fee!

In addition to drafting or revising your will for various reasons, including a divorce or any other change in the family situation, Law Offices of Christopher J. Smith, PC assists you in preparing your general and medical powers of attorney. 

We keep in mind to protect your interests at all times. For your benefit, we provide all of these legal services at a FLAT FEE in most cases.

Comprehensive Legal Representation 

At Law Offices of Christopher J. Smith, PC, we also provide legal assistance in divorce, custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, property division, and prenuptial agreement cases. Contact us today to discuss your legal needs.
Get a FLAT FEE on your initial consultation.
Browse through our resources for links and publications from the Virginia State Bar regarding wills in Virginia.
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